Thursday, March 7, 2013

Hello Again....

Its been forever since we've been able to get the Mom person to lend us her thumbs!   But finally, we guilted her into helping us update our blog. 

We've been busy busy these past few months!   We enjoyed Christmas....scoring tons of new toys and a new toy bag to hold them.

A few days after Christmas, the Mom person got a called about a breeder release dog needing a foster enter Sam.

Freedom Ride!
Sam was just with us for about a week but he sure made himself at home...
Making a move on our boy!

Napping next to the Mom person.

Getting the royal treatment...handing feeds by the Mom person.

After a week with us Sam went to his 'furever' family....with a boy of his own and sister pug named Buttercup.

Then on January 4th Teddy Boy turned O-N-E!  And we celebrated with homemade frosty paws!

The birthday boy!

Then came "Stinky"....he's an 8 year old pug who's "owners" were "rehoming" him on craigslist.   The Mom person's friend who helps run a pug rescue in Tennessee said he was willing to take him into his rescue if the Mom person could make the three hour drive into Kansas and pick him up and keep him until he could get to Missouri to pick him up.  So the Mom person and the boy hopped in the SUV and made the drive.

Freedom Ride
The "owner" basically threw "Stinky" into the Mom's person's they were walking away the Mom asked what his name was...their answer: Pugsy.  And of course he didn't answer to it at all!  So since the Mom person and the boy had to ride home with the windows down the nick-name "Stinky" stuck.  He stayed with us for about 5 days before going to the rescue...where he was soon adopted into a family and renamed Dewey! 
The Mom person has loved having the fosters in our home...and wishes she could just be a stay at home pug mama and rescue pugs all day long...but unless someone out there in Internet land wants to fund looks like that will not be happening anytime soon.
So that's just a little about whats been going on in our lives the past few months.  We hope we can get the Mom person to help us update this more than every couple of months! 



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  1. That is awesome ... love the Freedom ride pictures!!!

    Our mama wishes she could be a stay-at-home pug mom, too, but it's just not possible! We keep telling her to buy lottery tickets ...

    Happy First Birthday to Teddy! We hope it was special!!!

    Love Zoe, Peyton, Webster, Liberty & Whitney