Thursday, August 23, 2012

Moo's Smiling Face

Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Pictures Galore Part Two

The Mom person has been super LAZY lately so instead of a real post enjoy these pictures of us....

Monday, August 20, 2012

Pug Sluts to the Rescue: Brando's Story

Remember Sophie...

Of course you do.  Remember how her new dad, J, didn't even blink at the thought of driving 5 hours one way to help give Sophie a new home?  Well J has done it again...opened his heart and home to another little pug in need.   Meet Brando...

Poor Brando spent (according to his new vet) most of his life only "existing".  That means he was kept in a kennel that was to small and only brought out for breeding.  And then once he was done as a breeder he was tossed aside.  And that is where J stepped in and without a second thought added Brando to his pack.

But sadly not long after bringing Brando home J found out that the little guy is heart worm positive.  How sad!! Heart worms are so easily prevented!  One pill, once a month and ta da no heart worms!

When the sluts found out that poor Brando was sick they wanted to help out and started a chip-in for Brando's heart worm treatment.  Here the link to the chip-in....

 Now I know times are I'm not asking you to donate (you know unless you really want to)....but I'm asking that you send J and sweet Brando some major juju during his treatment.

And now just because they are so stinking cute some more pictures of Brando...

 Brando on his way to his new home

Brando telling his new pug sisters, Charlie and Sophie, all about the horrors of his past life

 Sweet Brando just chilling on the sofa next to his new Daddy

Wednesday, August 1, 2012

No Puppies Here!

Last Friday the Mom person took Teddy to the vet....and he got the big snip! The Mom person doesn't want to add to the pet overpopulation both Teddy and I have been spayed and neutered.