Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Toy Box Tuesday

Well....this guy doesn't have name...so let us call him the Nameless Pup.  He's not really one of our favorites so he stays at the bottom of the toy box most of the time.   But every once in a blue moon Teddy or I will pull him out and toss him around.     

Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Toy Box Tuesday

We <3 our new Sock Monkey Tots!!!   The Mom person saw that Sonic was coming out with this guy and just couldn't help herself.  She even made the Man make a special trip to the local Sonic to buy a couple! Two pugs = two Sock Monkey Tots   And we've still been fight our these prizes. 

The Mom person here...and I would just like to add that these Sock Monkey Tots are on the smaller side so please us caution if you're going to let your dogs play with them.    

Thursday, July 19, 2012

Go Back to Work Mom!!!

We were wrong! Oh so wrong...its better when the Mom works tons of over time...because when she's working she lets things slide. You know...like bathes and stuff. The Mom person came home with a mission after work yesterday. She started out giving both Teddy and I an un-needed bath (The Mom here: I'd just like to say that yes it was a needed bath. Moo and Teddy were two smelly puggies). Then she moved on to our kennels...she scrubbed them top to bottom. Then she swept and mopped our area. Then much to our horror she found all of our stuffed toys and washed them. We had them all slobbered just the way we liked 'em.  Then the Mom person started to go through all our old harness and clothes.  She found a coat she bought for Teddy Boy before they brought him home.  When he first came home he could walk right out of it...well take a look at it now...

Fat man in a little coat

Teddy air drying in the Mom person's lap

A hamper full of clean stuffies. 


Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Toy Box Tuesday

The Mom person is still working way to much!!  We're missing her like crazy....the Man just doesn't care for us like she does.  Now don't get us wrong....he takes pretty good care of us.  He just doesn't think we walk on water like the Mom person does.  But enough whining....time to show off those toys...

The Mom person picked this up from the same Dollar Store as the One Eyed Snake (that really isn't a snake).  She found this baseball in the baby section and knew that I (the Moo dog) would love it!!  I'm one of those rare pugs who loves to play fetch.  

Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Toy Box Tuesday

And we're back to our regularly scheduled posts....

The Mom person calls this guy One Eyed Snake.  Which is dumb because he's a lizard not a snake.   His body is stretchy and he's really fun to play tug-a-war with.  The Mom person picked him up at a dollar store and was surprised at how well he's held up....you know other than that one eye.      

Saturday, July 7, 2012

Long Time No Bloggy...

Bad the Mom person, bad!   We need your opposable thumbs to type our blog posts.  What you've been working a ton of over time.....we don't care!!  Our fans need their Moo dog and Teddy updates.    Did you know you've skipped like two Toy Box Tuesdays???

Sorry for the lack of posts! Our the Mom person has been super busy with work, doing something lame for her Dad person, and adoring us. To tide you over until we can come up with something witty to post here are some photos of us.

Moo and Teddy

Teddy enjoying popsicle

Mollie Moo enjoying a popsicle

Teddy Boy

Teddy Boy

Mollie Moo showing off her "famous" tongue