Monday, April 30, 2012

Birthday Count Down

Hello all!!  Its Fifi also known as the Mom person.  The month of May starts tomorrow and with it comes the Moo dogs first birthday!!   We're super excited here at the Misadventures home front.   So we thought we would count down the days with photos from Mollie first year with us.  Mollie Moo has changed our lives in so many ways.  And through Mollie I've made so many new friends that without her I never would have even met (that a shout out to all my Pug Sluts buddies).  So please Tune in tomorrow and soak up all the puggie cuteness!!!  

This photo has nothing to do with Moo's bday but I couldn't leave you guys without some puggie cuteness.   

So all hail Teddy, Guardian of the Sandbox.   

Saturday, April 28, 2012

Introducing Us!!

Hello all.  It's me Mollie Moo (aka Moo, Moo Moo or the Moo dog).   And I've dicided to start my very own blog.  I've been lurking around the internet reading all the great pug blogs out there for awhile now and I just couldn't stand it any longer!!  I HAD TO HAVE A BLOG OF MY VERY OWN.  I finally got the Mom person to sit one up for me (paws were not made for typing).  But she only agreed to do it if I share the blog with my baby brother: Teddy Boy.

Teddy isn't my real brother....he's adopted but don't tell him that.   He's okay for a little brother....I guess.  But I HATE it if he trys to play with my toys (and they're all my toys) or if he goes in my kennel (that my room and I'm not sharing).   So please tune in and share in all of our crazy misadventures.