Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Enter the Mamas

This past weekend the Mom person and the Man went on a little trip....WITHOUT US!!!  We had to go stay with our Auntie K (the Mom person's sister), her little girl and our pitty cousin, Love Bug (or Bug for short).

We terrorized Auntie K for two whole was awesome!  Bug would knock down the baby gate and give us free run of the house.  Then after two looooooong days the Mom was home...but only for a few minutes before she was gone again.  How disappointing.

She returned hours later with two foster girls in tow: The Mamas.  Two breeder release girls who haven't been very socialized.  The Mom person doesn't have the skills (or time) to get them socialized so they will be going to Midsouth Pug Rescue of Tennessee before long.  

Mama July

Mama Macey

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