Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Baby L's new heart

Oh wow bloggy pals....putting out a request for some juju really did the trick!!  Yesterday the Mom person was at work when she stuck a peek at her facebook via her iphone.  And there it was the status update she'd been waiting for....there was another potential heart for baby L.  The Mom person tried not to get to excited....I mean what if this heart fell through too.  But she just couldn't keep that shit-eating-grin off her face.   The evening was spent checking facebook and calling family members to get updates.  At 9 pm (ish) the word went out: The heart is in and it is beating!!   The Mom person started crying, the boy ran around repeating "so exciting" over and over again, the Man just said that's good and went back to what ever it is the Man does.  We puggies celebrated with a hotdog a piece!! 

But please keep that juju coming!!  Baby L has a long road of recovery ahead of her.  And maybe send some out to the donor family. 

Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Toy Box Tuesday

We here at the misadventures home front have wanted to start some (semi) regular blog posts and here is the first: Toy Box Tuesday!!!  Where we rub it in show off all the wonderful toys our Mom person has gotten us....and tell you how they've held up to our play!   So here it is the very first Toy Box Tuesday!!!

Our Toy Box

And we thought we would start off by showing you the two brand new toys the Mom person brought us home today.  The Mom person was feeling pretty guiltily about spending the whole day away from the house helping her baby brother Bobo move into to his college dorm. 

Remember this guy....he just left for his first year of college the Mom is so proud!!

So on her way home she stopped and pick us up these two beauties

Blue Bee and Ducky

Mollie Moo with the blue bee

A little tug-of-war

Mollie with Ducky

You did good Mom!  We forgive you for leaving us alone with the Man all day. 

I loved them but Teddy spend most of his time eating sticks...silly puppy.  I'm not sure how these will hold up to our tug-of-war fights...I'll let you know.  Tune in next Tuesday to meet Big Bunny my very first toy.  

Sunday, May 27, 2012

Juju for Baby L

Sorry about not posting this past week....but the Mom person has had a very stressful week.  See the Mom's baby cousin L is a very very sick little girl.  In March, L was diagnosed with dilated cardiomyopathy...which means her heart is enlarged and she needs a heart transplant.  Last Monday L took a turn for the worst and her parents almost lost her.  It took 11 doctors and nurse to get baby L stable...her doctors have kept her sedated all week and no one, not even her Mommy or Daddy, have been allowed to touch her.  Then yesterday the Mom person got the call "There's a heart for baby L".  The Mom person was super excited and there were tears all around.  The Mom person was also sadden by the fact that for baby L to live some one had to lose their sweet little one.  Then the Mom person got the was a no go.   Once baby L's doctor was able to take a good look at the donor heart it was decide it was to weak and would not be the best heart for baby L.  There were more tears all around....and the Mom person was tasked with calling all of her sibling to break the news (the Mom person and her family are tight).  Then the boy (who is only six) said that he would give L his heart....the Man had to sit the boy down and explain to the boy that he was still using his heart but that was very nice of him to think of baby L.  Then the Mom person asked the boy if there ever came a point when the boy wasn't using his heart if he wanted to give it to a little boy or girl who could use it...the boy said YES!  And the Mom person really broke down and  couldn't stop hugging the boy.  You see, organ donation is very near and dear to the Mom person and her family...and not just because of baby L.  Almost 12 years ago baby L's father had a heart transplant....he wouldn't be here today without it.  His wonderful wife B wouldn't be a part of the Mom person's family and sweet baby L wouldn't be with us today.  When R had his transplant the doctors told the family not to worry his illness had been a fluke, a one in a million kind of thing.  The Mom person and her family were crushed to learn that L had the same thing...but they believe that she will get her life saving transplant.  There is a heart out there that is just right for little L!!  So my bloggy friends please keep L and the Mom person's family in your thoughts.  Teddy and I are keeping our paws crossed and sending baby L all the juju we can.  

And so not to end on such a sad note here are a couple of pictures of Teddy and I from this morning play session in the backyard. 

Moo Moo

Half bat Teddy

Sunday, May 20, 2012

Its my party and I'll howl if I want to...

The Mom person tried to start my birthday out right....but things went down hill FAST.  The plan was for a two part walk....the first part of it was going to be just the Mom and me and then we'd swing back by the house and pick up Teddy to help us finish the walk.  He tires much faster than I do because he's soooo tiny.  The Mom person leashed me up and away we went...everything was going just fine, the Mom was letting me take my time and smell everything there was to smell....we even took time out for a little poop break.  Then powderpuff Cujo charged the fence!  The Mom was fearful so I said it was okay to take a side street and not walk by powderpuff's yard.   (The Mom here I would just like to say Moo hates the HUGE white powderpuff dog so when he's out we avoid walking past his/her yard)  Well after that little set back we started back towards the house to pick up Teddy to finish the walk.  That's when the Mom saw him....a big black dog dragging a rope....and he had his eye on little ol' me!  The Mom person scooped me up and walked slow so not to up set him....he followed us for a couple house then stopped.....we got back home and suited Ted up for the walk and this time the Mom turned the over way so not to run into anymore scary doggies!!  Things seemed to be going better....the Mom let us stop in front of this one UGLY yellow house because Teddy and I were so interested in it.  We were nosing around in the grass next to the sidewalk when the Mom stopped paying attention to her phone and started paying attention to us.  We were standing on top of a broken beer bottle.   The Mom person FREAKED and made us cut the walk short, go home and get checked over for cuts. 

Before we stepped in glass

After the walk Teddy and I took naps while the Mom ran some errands and got stuff ready for my party...

My "homemade" ice cream cake with PITK treats smashed up on it

You bark, I bark, we all bark for ice cream

Birthday treats don't have any calories, right?

Even Teddy got a taste

After my ice cream treat it was time for my gifts!!  The Mom person made me three new necklaces to wear.  And I got a new collar and new bunny and kola ball....these are my favorite kind of balls but they don't seem to last.  Whatever the ball part is gets all mashy and then I don't like playing with it as much.

Necklace #1

I make this look good!!

Necklace #2

Should have been a model. 

Necklace #3

I'm sooo over this photo shoot where are the rest of my gifts???

Kola ball

Bunny ball

New collar

Three way tug-of-war

I love my kola ball!!

All in all it was a good day....can't wait for my next birthday.  Wait!?!  What do you mean birthdays only come once a year!   I demand a birthday every week at least.  No?  Well how about once once a month?  No?  I guess once a year it is.    

Saturday, May 19, 2012

Only One Day Left!!!!!!

Is it party time yet?  No?  Maybe I could open my gifts one day early?  No?   Well then be sure to join us tomorrow to see how I spent my birthday!   

Friday, May 18, 2012

2 Days and Counting!!

Okay, okay....the last year hasn't been all about me.   In February my little brother Teddy joined the family.   Sure I get a little jealous sometimes but without Teddy Boy my life would be a whole lot more boring!!    

Here I am at 11 months and Teddy at 16 weeks old.   We're playing tug-a-war with our bunny ball in the backyard. 

Thursday, May 17, 2012

Pug Sluts to the Rescue: Sophie's Story

So the Mom person's is part of this awesome group, who love cussing, dirty jokes and PUGS.  They call themselves the Pug Sluts....and they rock.   Let me tell you a little story....

Last night the Mom person got a text from my littermate/sister/bestie Sophie's human.  Sophie's human is having rough go of it and could no longer afford to keep Sophie in the style she deserves.


Sophie's human wanted to know if Mom knew of anyone looking for pug....or even if Mom would take her in.  The Man put down his foot....two pugs, one cat, and the boy was all the Mom person needed.   Since the Mom person didn't know of anyone in our area looking for a sweet little pug she got online and posted a cry for help with the Sluts....and boy oh boy did those Sluts come through!!! 

With in SECONDS the Mom person had Sluts from all over the U.S.A willing to give Sophie a loving home.   After a lot of texting  back and forth with Sophie's human it was decided that the best place for Sophie was with J. and S. and their two pugs, Charlie and Annie!!  That's right Sophie got TWO new little sisters to play with.  

Sophie's new family just couldn't wait to get her so it was decided that J. would make the FIVE hour drive down here to get Sophie do those Sluts work fast.   In less than 24 hours Sophie went from losing her home to on her way to her new home!!  

To help J. out the Mom person said she would drive Sophie an hour away to cut down on his drive.  The Man freaked that the Mom was going to meet someone off the internet...he could have been a murdering rapist for all we knew (He's not) the Mom person enlisted her baby brother's help and had him join her for the hour drive (he also brought the pepper spray).  

So today after work the Mom person raced home to meet Sophie's human.   It was really hard for Sophie's human....and so there were a lot of tears.    Sophie's human told the Mom person how she had tried to make Sophie's last day a good day with lots of cuddles and a special trip to get a hamburger.   Sophie's human was also sending along Sophie's special blanket...which still smells like Sophie's old home. 

Sophie's blanket

Sophie's human also sent along Sophie's puppy....her favorite toy in the whole world.

Sophie's puppy

And Sophie's human wrote a letter to Sophie's new family telling them how much this meant to her.  

The Letter

The tearful goodbye

After a few minutes to let Sophie calm down after her human left the Mom person, her brother and Sophie were ready to hit the road.  For some reason the Mom person said I wasn't allowed to come....something about it being to much to wrestle two 20+ lbs pugs...and someone needed to stay with Teddy Boy.

One last hello/goodbye before they hit the road

Bobo (the Mom person's brother) is not a pug or dog person...but he's a great brother who's always willing to lend a hand!!

The Mom person and Sophie

Look at that can't tell we're related can you???

So after an hour in the false soda spilling episode...and one gas station worker who talked with a fake french accent they made it to the meet up spot. 

Sophie and her new little sister Charlie

After meeting up with J. and dropping Sophie off...the Mom person called the Man to tell him that she and Bobo were still alive and had not been raped.  The Man did not find this funny and called the Mom a "smart ass".  

We are going to miss Sophie here in Missouri but she's going to a wonderful new family....who are going to spoil her rotten.  And they promise to stay in touch...and the Mom person says maybe we can go visit Sophie and her sisters one day.  

3 Days and Counting

Here I am just one month ago at 11 months of age.   Again showing off that famous tongue of mine. 

The Mom person snapped this photo right after I got done eating the Boy's sand from his sandbox.  Yummy sand!

Wednesday, May 16, 2012

4 Days and Counting!

Here I am at 10 months soaking up some sunshine in our backyard. 

See my tongue peeking out!! 

Monday, May 14, 2012

6 Days and Counting!

Not the most flattering photo of me...but the Mom person loves how if you look real close you can see my gap tooth smile.

Sunday, May 13, 2012

Only One Week Left!!

Only 7...yes count them...7 days left until my birthday.    Here is the Mom person's favorite photo of me taken when I was 7 months old.

I look deep in thought....probably thinking about all the gifts I would be getting for Christmas which was only a few short days away.  

Saturday, May 12, 2012

8 Days and Counting!!

My very first Halloween the Mom person dressed me up as a Surfer Chick.  

Mom made my little surfer board herself. As you can tell she's not very crafty.  No one got my costume....the Mom person spent all night explaining it to everyone.  

Friday, May 11, 2012

9 Days and Counting!

Even though I missed the 180 acre farm the new place has yard big enough for playing fetch with my favorite humans.

Agian with the tongue!

Thursday, May 10, 2012

Half Way There!!

That's right folks just 10 more days until I get to party it down pug style.   

Here I am watching as the humans do some work to the inside of our new home.  I don't know why they didn't want my help with the painting???

Wednesday, May 9, 2012

11 Days and Counting!

And here I am at our new house in the big city....if you can call a town of 2,993 a city. 

I was the coolest dog on the block....alright I was the only dog on the block till Teddy came along.    

Tuesday, May 8, 2012

12 Days and Counting!

Showing off my "famous" tongue at four months old. 

This is one of the last photo I had taken while we lived out on the Mom person's family farm.  Soon after this my humans became homeowners!