Thursday, June 28, 2012

We Love our Feline Friends!!!

Here at the Misadventure's home front we're not all about the puggie love....we spread it around and share with our feline friends.  Teddy and I even share our home and the Mom person's heart with T.S. (which is short for Toy Story 3 Buzz Lightyear Woody). 

T.S. hanging out in Teddy's kennel while the Mom cleaned our area.

The Mom says those eyes just kill her.  

Today we spread our love far and wide.....the Mom and the boy drove an hour away to visit a local(ish) cat rescue and play with kitties looking for their "furever" homes.   The boy had seen the rescue's facebook page....and it broke his poor little heart!  He told the Mom person that he just wanted to "pet all the sad kitties".  She told him she didn't think he could pet them all but that maybe he could take them some toys and food.  Well, the boy really liked that idea and wouldn't let up on the Mom until she drove him to see all the "sad kitties".  

Teddy and I had to stay home because we can be a little rough with kitties.   We're just playing but they don't seem to enjoy being licked from head to toe.   When I was a tiny little puppy T.S. was already a big full grown cat who didn't mind letting me crawl all over him now that I'm 20 lbs he regrets this!!! 

The Mom person took the boy to the store and they filled the cart with toys, cubes and kitten food and away they went.  

Here's a picture of Sadie.  She's only eight months old and was dropped off at the rescue with her kittens.  

The boy covered it kitties looking for some love.

Sadie resting her head in the Mom's hand.  Hey Sadie...that's our hand enjoy it now but don't get to comfortable! 

Dinah checking out the goods.

This is Gigi aka Diva Cat!  She's a beautiful silver persian....before she came to the rescue some mean kids were swinging her around by her tail.  It was so badly damaged that the vet had to remove it.  She let the Mom and the boy know that she was above their gifts...but by the end of the visit the Mom got to pet her.

The Mom didn't learn this kitty's name but he was enjoying a nap on a bookcase before the Mom woke him up for a picture. 

This guy's named Pugsy and he lived on his own for awhile.  When he came to the rescue his fur was so matted they had to shave him down.  He's still a little shy but he let the Mom pet him for a bit. 

The boy hasn't been able to stop talking about the kitties since he got home.  He's already planning on his next trip to hang out with his feline friends.  

Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Toy Boy Tuesday

The Mom person picked up the Moo Cow at a thrift store one day.   Moo Cow was brand new still it her box.  The Mom had gotten her as a gift for our human cousin RJ but when the Mom got Moo Cow home she said the double M on her foot/hoof. 

It was meant to be! Moo Cow and I have been very happy ever since....and she was the first of many toys we've manged to steal from our human cousins and sibling.  

Monday, June 18, 2012

New I.D. Tags

While the Mom, the Man and the Boy where out and about yesterday they stopped by the Pet Store and picked up new I.D. tags for Teddy Boy and me.  The Mom person just didn't want us to be safe but fashion forward!  No boring tags for us....

The boy watching the machine engrave our new tags.

Teddy's new Perry the Platypus tag.

The back is engraved with his name and our phone number (which is blanked out here for safety reasons). 

My new tag which is a little fuzzy looking in this photo.  Thats what mom gets for trying to take pictures while riding in the car. 

And the back (again with the number blocked out for safety). 

Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Come at me bro...

Teddy trying to get Moo to play with him.

Toy Box Tuesday

The Mom person calls this guy One armed Monkey.  She not very original when it comes to names.  Take my name for example...the Mom person knew another pug named Molly so when they got me the just used the name they knew but switched it up a bit so it wasn't totally the now you know how I got the name Mollie Moo.   But back to the toy.  One armed Monkey came along at the end of my toy destroying days...thats why he's only got the one arm.  Teddy is not as rough on the toys as I was at his age so most to the toys have survived his puppy stage.  

Sunday, June 10, 2012

Lake Trip

The Mom person and the Man went with the the Man's family to the lake yesterday....and we got to come along!!  The Mom was worried that maybe we would get over heated but it turned out to be a really nice day....not to hot with looks of wind.   Plus, the family put up a tent for the baby and we got to chill under it!!  

The Mom would wet down this rug for us to lay on and she made us take a couple of dips in the water to make sure we stayed nice and cool!!!

Remember our German cousins, Roxy and Riley?  Well they got to come to!!  Roxy the little white dog even got to take a ride on the boat....don't worry she brought her life jacket. 

The Mom made sure we had lots of nice cold water to drink.  Everyone laughed at her because she brought us a water bowl where she kept ice water.  They said the lake is right there but the Mom didn't care she just wanted us to stay cool. 

The Mom and Mollie Moo having a little make out session.

Teddy looking on in disgust!

Silly Moo dog don't you know there is shade not two feet away???

Mollie barking at the kids for splashing her.

After the lake we went to the Man's aunt's house for dinner.  Boy oh boy was it fun at Aunt J's place.  She had chickens and cows.  And there were two new doggies to make friends with: Sissy and Jessie.  Jessie the corgi didn't really care for Teddy Boy though so when didn't stay long. 

Chickens!!  Teddy Boy didn't know what to think about these guys. 

Mollie Moo

Teddy Boy

Thursday, June 7, 2012

Backyard Fun!!!

It was so nice this afternoon that when the Mom person got off work that we puggies talked her in to a little outside time....okay a whole lot of outside time!!   Here are some pictures from our afternoon of play: 

Mollie Moo

Teddy chewing on a stick

Even the boy joined in on the fun.

Teddy and Moo play fighting over a stick.

More play fighting.

Teddy deep in thought as he chews his stick. 

Mollie Moo enjoying her stick. 

Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Toy Box Tuesday

Welcome back to Toy Box Tuesday!!  Today we're going to introduce you to Big Bunny:

Big Bunny

Big Bunny was one of the first toys the Mom person bought when preparing to bring me (the Moo dog) home. 

All my coming home goodies!!

When the Mom person first brought me home Big Bunny was well big!  Much bigger than I was as a 6 week old puppy.  The Mom person use to laugh her head off as I tried to kill Big Bunny.   As I got bigger the Mom person and I would play hours of fetch with Big Bunny.  The Mom person would make her voice go real high and ask me "Where's Big Bunny....where's your Big Bunny" and I would run around till I found him.  I managed to destroy most of my toys in those early days so the Mom person was surprise and pleased that Big Bunny has lasted.   

Friday, June 1, 2012

Road Trip!!!

Hi its me Teddy and I'm taking over the blog....well at least for this post anyways!

Wednesday night the Mom got a facebook message from IL....the Man's brother J's girlfriend.  IL told the Mom person that she and J were flying in and asked if there was any way that the Man could come and pick them up from the airport the very next day.  Sure...just one problem the airport is four hours away and the Man had to work. The Man works nights and would only have time to sleep for a couple of hours before he had to head to the airport....the Mom person didn't want him making the long drive on his own so she said she would come too.  She messaged IL back and said it was a go!  Then IL messaged the Mom person back to say they would also be bringing their two dogs Riley (the beagle) and Roxy (the Maltese).  The Mom said no problem the more the merrier!   Oh and did I mention they were all flying in from Germany!?!   That's right Germany!!  J is in the U.S. Army and has been station over seas in Germany for the last couple of years...which is were he met his wonderful German girlfriend IL.   IL and J fly back and forth a couple times a year to see the family here in MO but they have never brought the dogs before.  And the only reason my german cousins are flying state side is because they are moving to America!!!   J and IL are visiting the family here in MO for a month or so before moving to J's new base in Washington! 

So yesterday morning the Mom person woke up nice and early to get things done before her and the Man had to head towards the airport.  When she was taking Moo and I out for our morning potty break she noticed that I had the water poops (or loose stool).   The Mom person started to worry....there was no way I could hold it for the eight hours or so they planned to be gone.   So the Mom and the Man talked about it and it was decided that I would go along for the ride!!  I had never been on such a looooong car ride before and the Mom person was worried about how I would do.   But I rode like a champ if I do say so myself!  

The Mom packed all my things: the car kennel, a water bowl, water, a snack, sweet potato "shut up sticks", toys and my bed!    Before we left she ran me up and down the road to try and burn off some of my energy!  

Plese no more running!!  I'm ready....lets do this!

I spent the first three hours down here...

...chewing on my sweet potato "shut up sticks"!

We stopped by this church so I could take a crap...I mean poop!  ;)

And once by this busy road.  Don't worry the Mom had a death grip on my leash.

After about three hours I took noticed of the fact we were in a car.  

After awhile I decided to nap...and the only way to nap is to have your the Mom person hold your head in her hand. 

About 30 minutes outside of the city with the airport (no names b/c the Mom is doesn't want internet crazies to find us...but the city does have "the arch" in it) we got a call from J....his and the dogs flight was delayed 5 hours!!!   But IL was still landing at we high tailed it over to the airport to meet IL.  J and IL were on different flights because the Army paid for J and IL had to buy her own ticket.  We had some time to kill so the humans met up with baby L's parents R and B and had dinner with them.  It was great for the Mom person to get to see her cousin R and catch up.  And for all of you who were wondering L is doing great and was moved out of the ICU today...that's just 3 days post op!!!  This kid's a fighter!!  After dinner we still had about 2 hours before J's flight would get in.  So the Man and the Mom drove IL by the arch and the river front so she could at least say she'd seen part of the city.  Finally after 5 hours J's flight got in! 

Roxy and Riley free at last

Meeting my german cousins

That's three dog kennels and a whole lot of baggage!  All doggies were allowed to ride on their the Mom person or their Man for the ride home. 

On the ride home the Mom and I slept most of the way home....we only woke up to glare at everyone at bathroom stops....we didn't make it home till 5am.  Just in time for the Mom person's alarm clock to go off for work....she didn't go....she stayed home and loved on poor Moo Moo who had to stay home by herself longer than the Mom intended.  Don't worry....the Mom is already planning something special to make up for it!